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About Get involved

What is Get involved?

Get involved is a free online consultation toolkit for Queensland Government agencies to use. You can use Get involved to create online consultation pages and surveys that support your offline consultation and community engagement activities.

Who is responsible for the Get involved website?

The One-Stop Shop Strategy and Implementation Office (Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation) is responsible for managing the Get involved website and toolkit.

The Get involved team is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact the Get involved team.

Setting up consultations and accounts

How do I set up a consultation on Get involved?

Email the Get involved team with the following details:

  • consultation title
  • opening and closing dates and times
  • agency contact details for public enquiries (this is not mandatory)
  • names and email addresses of users requiring access to build your consultation and run reports
  • a brief description of your consultation (e.g. topic, expected volumes, media activities).

The Get involved team will:

  • set up user accounts
  • prepare the 'shell' of your consultation
  • give you access to build your consultation.

How long does it take to set up and publish a consultation?

If you are building a survey, we recommend allowing 1–2 days to complete your survey.

Please allow 2 business days for the review and approval process.

When do I need a login?

Logins are required to:

  • build a consultation using the Get involved toolkit
  • submit test survey responses before a consultation opens
  • submit postal survey responses after a consultation closes
  • access reports.

Respondents do not need a login to complete a survey. They can access the survey by clicking on the survey link, completing the survey and clicking Submit—this will record their submission.

Managing consultations

What is the difference between a consultation, a survey and a listing page?

The entire process of seeking feedback from stakeholders or the community on the Get involved website is often referred to as a 'consultation'—this can include using a survey or other forms of submissions such as email, post or fax.

If you are seeking feedback online, you can create a 'survey' in the Get involved toolkit—this will be linked from your consultation page. Submissions will be recorded in the database and are available via online and downloadable reports.

If your agency is not seeking feedback through an online survey, a 'listing page' can be created. This includes a brief summary of your consultation, reference links and information about how respondents can make a submission.

How do I set up a consultation for a regulatory impact statement (RIS)?

Responses to a RIS are often from businesses and industry that may prefer to submit a document rather than complete a structured survey. You should provide an email address for this in the consultation contact information.

You can also create a basic survey for individuals to complete as part of the broader consultation process.

Can the Get involved team review my survey questions?

The Get involved team can provide technical feedback about your survey questions (e.g. functionality).

Here are some tools to help you when developing your questions:

Can we use a third party survey tool in Get involved?

You can include a link to another survey tool (e.g. SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo) on a Get involved listing page with certain privacy provisions. Please read the Guidelines from the Office of the Information Commissioner before using another platform.

You can add a third party survey link to Get involved under 'Reference material'.

Is phone support available for my consultation?

Email to arrange phone support for your consultation through the 13 QGOV (13 74 68) contact centre.

Can I get my consultation featured on the Get involved home page?

Consultations can be featured on the Get involved home page but space is limited. We reserve the right to choose the most appropriate consultations to promote on the home page.

You can also request a feature to promote your consultation on the home page.

Building a consultation

Can I have a 'private' survey?

Get involved has the functionality to set up 'private' surveys. This allows you to target a specific audience or run an internal consultation.

When you make a survey 'private', it will not appear on the public consultation list and you will be given a unique URL to access the consultation once it is published. The URL can then be provided to your respondents.

Note: If someone types the URL into a web page browser, they will be able to access the survey. If you would like more security, you can include a password to access the survey.

Can we copy an existing survey?

There is no functionality to copy survey questions across to a new survey. We suggest keeping a copy of your survey questions in a Word document for reuse.

Once a survey has been closed it cannot be re-opened in the toolkit.

How many questions should be in my survey?

The number of survey questions can vary depending on the type of data you want to collect (e.g. quantitative or qualitative) and the outcomes from your consultation process.

Questions should be easy to understand. Avoid 'double-barrelled' questions—e.g. 'How old are you and where did you hear about the consultation?'.

What is the average number of responses to a survey?

There is no average number of responses for surveys.

Shorter surveys generally result in higher participation.

How many people should receive my survey?

There is no minimum or maximum number of people who should receive a survey. Each agency is responsible for promoting their survey or consultation process to increase community participation.

Popular ways to promote participation include:

  • ministerial media statements
  • social media
  • intra-departmental communications
  • features on the Get involved home page.

How long should I keep my survey open?

Opening periods can vary depending on a number of factors (e.g. type of consultation, audience base, deadlines).

Can I add a logo or have specific branding for my survey?

Get involved uses the Queensland Government single website experience template and cannot be customised.

What types of questions are available when building my survey?

There are a range of question types available in the toolkit:

  • choice questions (e.g. tick boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists)
  • ranking and rating questions
  • text questions (with character limits)

Is progressive disclosure or question branching available?

Progressive disclosure or question branching is available in the toolkit when setting up your questions.

Can I use tables in Get involved?

Tables are not available in Get involved.

Can we use hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks should only be added to a consultation under the ‘Reference material’ item. This ensures the document or page is opened in a new window and the user can easily return back to the consultation.

Can documents be hosted on Get involved?

Agencies must host documents (e.g. PDFs, Word documents) on their own infrastructure. This is to ensure Get involved is referencing accurate and up-to-date material with a single point of reference.

You can link to documentation from the ‘Reference material’ item in the left navigation menu.

What is the URL for my survey?

When you create your consultation, the toolkit will assign a unique URL.

Contact the Get involved team if you would like to create a URL for promotional purposes (e.g.

Do we need a privacy notice?

There is a general privacy statement on the Get involved site, but you can customise your own.

If you are collecting personal information, you will require a collection notice. Refer to the privacy principles for more information.

Surveys can be configured to separate personal data from individual responses to protect individual privacy. Alternatively, personal information can be collected together, but care should be taken if publishing responses.

Where does Get involved data go once a response is received?

Information in Get involved is held in a secure database hosted in Australia.

Approval and publishing

How does the review and quality assurance (QA) process work?

Before your consultation can be published, the Get involved team will review your content according to the Queensland Government web writing and style guide.

Our review and QA process usually takes 2 business days. Please discuss your requirements with the Get involved team during the build phase to help us to ensure your consultation is reviewed and published within required timeframes.

Contact the Get involved team.

Closing a survey

How do I close a survey?

The survey will close automatically at the scheduled date and time. If you need to reduce or extend the consultation period, contact the Get involved team before the scheduled closing date and we will update the details for you.

Note: A consultation cannot be reopened once it has closed.

Can responses still be recorded after a survey has closed?

We can assign permissions to your login to enable survey entries after the survey has closed (e.g. hard copy responses).

Please contact us for more information.


What reports are available?

Reports are available either in an online format or as a CSV file.

Does the Get involved team analyse results?

We do not analyse survey results. You can download your response data in a CSV file for analysis in a third party tool (e.g. Excel, SPSS).

Last updated:
3 February 2016

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